Sabado, Setyembre 5, 2009

Twenty Five and Counting...


Celebrating a birthday and watching a sunset on the last day of the year bring me the same feeling… poignancy - and plenty of it.

I just don’t know why. A part of me is celebrating while the other one worries…

I can’t help but look back on the wonderful days that have gone by and smile… and eagerly look forward to what shall unfold. The road ahead seems to be more exciting and I can’t wait to be there. Apprehensions never dwindle, of course, but they never seem to overshadow me. I want to enjoy life to the fullest and have lots of it!

The road I have traveled on was never too easy. Rough roads made my journey more arduous just as the dusty winds and the recurrent heavy rains exacerbated the toil.

Several times I opted to take a comforting rest by the side of the road and took a quiet glance on the rocks that never tire to push my callused feet. There were plenty of them. Some were too small… Others were hefty and have almost blocked my way. Many times I recall, I had to take a nerve-racking and dehydrating climb just to push my way up. I had no choice… I just knew in my mind that I should go forward and must not draw back… and so I did.

I’m twenty five. Perhaps, I’m already on the halfway of my journey or on the last few laps of my track.

I just don’t know when will I see the checkered flag fluttering so blissfully as it says ‘you’ve finished the trail… you can have your rest.’ I don’t care how long the journey may take me to finally come to a victorious halt or worse a daunting flop. Neither do I overworry about how enduring the obstacles may put me to a test.

I simply want to have a fun stroll and have a grasp of fresh air and warm sun along the way.

I want to count the restless butterflies that paint the footpaths with vivid shades… I want to hear the green leaves hum with the cool gust of gentle winds… I am curious how the hatchling on the nest embraced by the sturdy narra trunks begin to crack its shell and have a welcoming sight of the world outside… I hope I could climb and see for myself how its mother bird feed her with a wiggling maggot… I want to lie on and be embraced by the lush lawn as I take a gaze on the cotton-like clouds shaping the figures of almost everything from rabbits, dogs, horse, an abstract cartoon and fairy tale characters to coffin and witches, etc…

I want to explore the crossroads and try the winding roads less traveled by… I simply want to enjoy life and never miss its unstinted wonders.

I hope I’d have a nicer trip on the roads ahead.

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