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I’ve just turned twenty five… and I can’t help myself listing down twenty five stuff about me.

Part One. Just Counting my Blessings….

In no particular preference, I dare to bear the greatest assets I have [and hope not to be sued by the BIR people for not including these in my SAL.

1. Mom is the best!

Ma is the number one woman in my life. She’s an all-time friend and a fine confidant. As a full-fledge mother who sacrificed her career as a midwife to attend to our needs as our 24/7 mom, I am indeed indebted to be blessed by a great person like her. I love the uniqueness and the strength of her character. I love her not only because she takes care of everything in the household from the duster s to the window curtains, not also because she’s a pro in minding the kitchen stuff [although I don’t like her cooking sometimes] to the garden thing.

She’s indeed a one-in-a-million Mama. Her fidgeting gestures whenever stressed and busy and her frowning brow when baffled almost peeve me.

Yet, I admire her for her optimism and hard work. She’s our number one encourager and our ultimate fan, too.

But of all her virtues, I am inspired the most by her simplicity and altruism.

2. My best man!

The past year was never too uncomplicated for Pa and I. We’ve had petty discord over family matters especially when it comes to exhausting our measly finances to exploit our budget line and hopefully allot a share for not so important expenses.

Yet, he remains to be one of the most influential characters I admire just like Ma. He’s a hardworking guy.

He’s duty as the local chieftain [barangay chairman] made me admire him more. He may not be a very prolific head when it comes to creating tangible projects such as building the barangay site or / and basketball court for the youth or even rehabilitating the typhoon-damaged welcome marker due to his lack of political will and spiteful grassroots level politics I still consider him the best in other fields.

He has good interpersonal affairs with almost everyone though he is very straightforward in conveying his personal views especially against his self-centered and idle colleagues in the barangay council.

Sometimes I hate him for being too generous, bailing out other people from their financial problems at his own expense. Jokingly I told him, he should have worked at the office of the social welfare and development.

3. Cuddling Siblings

My younger sis’s and bro’s are indeed one of my greatest blessings. They’re causing me headaches most of the times because of their nonsense and childish tantrums and their occasional sluggishness but they’re a bunch of characters you just can’t ignore. They’re very promising and ambitious.

It is because of them that I never give up in almost every trial…

Thanks God, I’m ahead of their trail. I have the chance to eagerly muster every pebbles and prickles along the road so they would have a more relaxing walk. I hope and pray the best for them.

4. Friendships and strings…

Friends have become my saving grace for the past years. Always on the rescue whenever I’m about to have my emotional collapse and/or financial dehydration, my friends never cease to offer me a reassuring company.

The simple ‘how are you?’ sms from Rachel is touching. The unexpected ‘I miss you and I love you sis’ the from Edz as I bustle in the day’s work is really uplifting. Lanie’s constant reminder as she text “ok lang yan” or “smile, smile” as I worry over many things is comforting. Nini’s constant sms greetings are simply inspiring.

“Come na, Mauragerger kita!” seems to be very meaningful when Manay Ritz or/and Tekla sensed that something is bothering me.

“Sure, para kaan” are just the right words I wish to hear whenever I needed a rescue. I was glad I have my angels to save me… and I just can’t name them one by one for they are too many.

5. Bread and Butter matters!

If there is one very important thing I’d miss including in this list of blessings, it would be my job.

Being a mentor brings me a lot of prized riches incomparable to the figures that appear on my payslip come every end of the month.

I have had a share of optimism, youthful vibrancy, colorful dreams and visions and lots of smiles and laughter from my students who at the same time offered me to have a glimpse of pain and disappointment… and dispiriting frustration.

My workmates and head are all equally motivating and lenient to my personal and professional idiosyncrasies (which are many). I just simply cannot fail to underscore how we work and enjoy each other’s company not just for the sake of promoting professional camaraderie. We are like a family, and I’m very thankful for that!

Part Two. Revisiting my Goals

During my college, Prof. Teresita Aninipot congratulated me on coming up with a very impressive and excellent career book. The project was indeed very nice and worthwhile.

The Gift, [the book’s title] has nine chapters which individually enumerate personal information such as my peak experiences, life’s achievements, hopes and fears, career line, life career plan, etc.

One of my most favorite parts was on the seventh chapter, below is an excerpt of the contents in page 7.5:

Year My Age Expected Significant Events / Plans

2004 19 & 7 months College graduation

20 Passing LET

2005 21 Private Secondary School Teacher

2008 24 Public Secondary School Teacher

2009 25 Graduate of a Master’s Degree

2011 – 2065 (if God permits) * detailed list is on the book.

Comments on the Life Career Plan shown above.

1. I took and passed the LET on 2005. I was unable to take the exam on August 2004 due to erroneous copy of birth certificate I just found out lately after securing a NSO copy.

2. I never had the chance to be a private secondary school teacher though I wanted to first teach in my alma mater, the Carrascal Memorial Academy, after my graduation in college. I was immediately hired as a Locally Funded Teacher by Ms. Annabelle M. Nace – then the Teacher – In – Charge of Bagatao National High School.

After two years (SY 2004-2005 & SY 2005 – 2006), I almost had the chance to teach in CMA when I was no longer accommodated in San Isidro National High School (San Isidro, Bacon District, Sorsogon City) since the ranking / hiring procedures were done. I already met with the school head, Mrs. Delia Cruz before the classes begin and was about to be sent for a live-in seminar in Ateneo de Naga University.

Incidentally, Ms. Maritess C. Berdandino phoned me to serve as a substitute teacher in lieu of Mrs. Marlyn V. Vergara who was on her maternity leave and another two-month vacation leave.

3. I served my first and second quarter of the school year (SY 2006 – 2007) as a substitute teacher in Magallanes National High School. I willingly waived a permanent item on October in favor of a former teacher and now a good friend. Luckily I became a permanent DepEd teacher in February 12, 2007 in Juban National High School with Mrs. Benita Cielo as my first principal. I was blessed to receive the first science item in that school… thanks to Dr. Lorna Dig – Dino, then the Schools Division Superintendent.

I was reassigned to BagataoNHS through the swapping agreement Ms. Jennifer Dugan and I signed on February 2007. The deployment/swapping took effect after the election ban was lifted on June 2007.

4. It is already 2009. My ambition of receiving a diploma for a master’s degree is obviously not doable. I have not even started taking any units for that purpose. Yet, I’ve fortunately received a scholarship program for a certificate in teaching Social Studies in Bicol University for two summers beginning last year. I successfully completed the course this year.

On my twenty-fifth birthday, with boldness and strengthened positivism, I reset my goals and look forward for the coming years,

1. I’m committing to finance and support the college education of my three sisters and two brothers no matter how financially challenging it may cost. They deserve a better future. Enrolling them into college and helping them land stable jobs would be my greatest gift for them.

2. I yearn to enroll in and eventually finish a post-graduate study. I am considering for a Masters in Chemistry Education or/and Social Studies.

3. I consider transferring from high school to college. I love teaching…

In one of the seminars I’ve attended, one of the resource speakers told us that at the age of forty, we should have found our second profession. I opt not to leave the teaching profession. I always believe that this is the most rewarding job I imagine myself to be in.

Given the chance to have a second job, I wish I could be a college professor. I’ll work hard for the realization of this goal…

4. I want to save and/or apply for a loan to purchase a house and lot for the family. Beginning when I was young until now we’ve been living bilocal, transferring from our granny’s home in Magallanes and into the family house in Bacon District. The ‘security of tenure’ bothers me.

5. Of all these goals, I consider the fifth one as the most important: I should stay healthy!

I am always prone to respiratory illness… I have had a bronchopneumonia when I was an infant and was rushed almost regularly in the hospital because of this. Skipping a lunch or taking a meal late brings me health troubles… headaches and month-long dry coughs are the most common aftermath.

My friends suggest that I’ll take vitamins and health supplements. Ma says I should live a stress-free lifestyle or at least learn to manage them if they seem inevitable. I’ll try to consider their advice this time.

Part Three. Rediscovering Me

Enhancing self-concept is very significant. This gives way to knowing more our potentials and understanding ourselves better.

As I come up with this five and five list, in all humility and honest-to-goodness attempt I enumerate the following characteristics as my best traits.

1. I’m an ebullient creature!

I’m a live wire and would strain to mingle with boring people though I’m not a party animal. I enjoy the company of everyone and I can’t afford to squander too much time for melancholy and desperation. If somebody is in pain and suffers a loss we should of course empathize with him/her but it must not end there. It should always be our duty to inspire people… We have to unwrap for them the giftness of life they may fail to notice.
2. I’m prone to burn the candle at both ends…

I can work too hard and round the clock. I can spend a sleepless evening in favor of an assignment I had to rush… I can even devote my weekends for an extra chore. I can read all the messages in my three e-mail accounts in just a sitting. I love to be busy… [read more]


The First Twenty-Five Individuals who greeted me on via sms the day of my birthday:

1. Mama
2. Caren
3. Sis Julie
4. Sis Baby Jo
5. Marissa
6. Mam Joan
7. Mama Badang
8. Mam Cho
9. Maribel
10. Sis Malou
11. Mam Liezl
12. Aliza
13. Dahlia
14. Angelica
15. Nini
16. Miam
17. Ali
18. Lanie
19. Rhan
20. Mam Tintin
21. Lira
22. Erwin
23. Mam Melissa
24. Manay Rita
25. Jolly Ann

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