Martes, Mayo 5, 2009

Typhoon Dante leaves Magallanes with 9 dead, 9 missing

Typhoon Dante, probably the most stationary tropical depression that hit the Bicol Region, left Magallanes with nine (9) casualties and nine (9) missing in Barangay Hubo after a devastating land slide that occurred around 2am, May 2, 2009.

The tropical depression that began entering the region’s area of responsibility as early as May 1, according to a PAG-ASA Bulletin which described the typhoon’s location at 100km East of Legaspi [12am bulletin], has brought extensive amount of rain showers until the morning of the following day.

The continuous heavy rain showers flooded the Poblacion and temporarily displaced residents along Sitios Kalipiot and Banawit in Brgy. Cawit Proper and Brgy. Incarizan. There have been reports that the flood reached two to three feet in Lady Iza Village, Brgy. Cawit Extension up to 5 feet or more in some areas near Incarizan river.

Of the devastating aftermath, the landslide in Brgy. Hubo had the most attention not only by the local government officers but also of the national media due to the severity of its damage on properties and the number of casualties.

It has been reported according to a local school head that Hubo Elementary School had been almost washed out including some ten to twelve households.

Confirmed casualties [please see the list below] included a 38-year old barangay elementary school teacher and her seven-year old son. Her husband and one of their children were fortunately rescued amidst physical damages.


Confirmed Hubo Land Slide Tragedy Casualties*


1.       Rodolfo de Sos San, 44,

2.       Catrine de Sos San, 8,

3.       Renzs de los Santos, 5

4.       Eleanor Balquin,

5.       Luzina Hilab, 38

6.       Charles Hilab, 7

7.       Jonalyn Coronado, 23

8.       Esendro Hicap, 26

9.       Christie Hicap, 1


Missing (as of May 3, 2009 9am)*


1.       Efepanio Guardacasa

2.       Juliane Guardacasa

3.       Jerry Guardacasa

4.       Noe Guardacasa

5.       Rex Guardacasa

6.       Renel Guardacasa

7.       Mico G. BaƄadera

8.       Sony Balquiel, 33

9.       Anthony Hombre, 23

* Source: PNP Magallanes




Related reports…


·         Taboc Bridge was temporarily closed for large and heavy vehicles during and a few hours after the typhoon. It was reopened on May 3, 2009 but remained unsafe for commuters.

·         Cawayan Bridge is reportedly destroyed by flash flood and had been causing delayed on motor vehicles that traversed through the national road.

·         Saint Raphael Church in Legaspi City deployed donation boxes intended for Hubo tragedy victims. The victims are included in the mass’ intentions.

·         ABS-CBN revealed its plan to conduct an outreach program at the site on May 4, 2009, Monday.



May 3, 2009, 2:30pm


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