Lunes, Abril 27, 2009

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Sabado, Abril 18, 2009

April 2009 pix

Living and Loving

One weekend, as I have my comforting gardening rituals, hoping to cut loose from the exhausting and challenging past weekdays experience, my eyes take a stirring glance on the bonsai my friend gave me… Two new caterpillars are beginning to nibble on the green little leaves my plant has. Poor plant, I subconsciously say to myself… 

Two empty cocoons were still clinging on my plant’s tiny bough. It was not long when another hungry creatures gnawed on the same plant until they found themselves satiated… ready to have their ‘rest’ in their silk-like homes. Now those once-ugly creeping worms are fluttering freely with the gentle winds, I believe. 

Young yellow green leaves begin to grow now. I’m happy to see that my plant has its rebirth and is spreading its tiny yet sturdy arms this time… Not until I catch sight of these two new needy creatures, lazily inching from one twig to another. 

I worried that my plant would eventually die should it keep these transient dwellers. 

But what an expression of altruistic love! I inspiringly told myself. 

Several times, I find myself frustrated of what had transpired in me (and the people around me, especially those I value most)… Exhausted and most often displeased of what turned out despite crucial attempts to fix things suitably, I ask myself, “When would I stop complaining about things?” “Until when must I love?” 

This poor plant of mine does not even know that a pair of creeping creatures depends on it… Above all, it does not even know what LOVE is… 

Yet, it teaches me lesson I should sincerely heed: Never get tired of being a fountain source of solace for others no matter where it may lead you or it may cost you… 

I am pained and bruised for the nth time… I feel, at times, that I am just used up… that the world is taking advantage of me… that I am needed more than I am loved… I fear that setbacks shall wither my spirit and bleakness overshadows me.

My plant has almost lost all of its leaves or could have withered too soon before the flimsy wings of these new would-be butterflies spring out of the cocoon… Yet it never stops surviving… Its fresh leaves are munched every now and then but then they keep on growing… 

My precious plant keeps on surviving… for its own and for others…

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