Sabado, Abril 12, 2008

The Contract

1. That I shall keep up with the necessary standards of scholarship or accomplishment;

2. That i shall conduct myself in such a manner as not to bring disgrace or dishonor to myself and/or my country;

3. That I shall submit to the head of office and the Special Committee on Scholarship at the end of each quarter, term or semester. my official school transcript, certification of performance or the equivalent.

4. That I shall return immediately to my station assignment and report to my office upon the completion or termination of my scholarship, fellowship or training; grant;

5. That I shall submit to my office and to other offices concerned a written report on my studeis, training or observation upon my return to duty;

6. That I shall serve my office/institution for two (2) years for every year or a fraction thereof but not less than six (6)  months of scholarship or 1 year a fraction a year less than 6 months but not less than two (2) months of scholarship extended to me under this contract;

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